Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

What I Spent on Everything in April

In April I went over my $200.00 budget for the month, even though we had a Super Doubles event at Harris Teeter. However, thanks to the rebates that I sent off for, my total costs for food, household goods and health and beauty products came in just under the wire!

Giant - $6.38
Food Lion - $16.96
Harris Teeter - $197.59
Rite Aid - $13.58
Walgreens - $8.88
Total - $243.39

I would have spent $3.00 less at Walgreens, but my store that used to accept expired Register Rewards, wouldn't take my $3.00 RR when I tried to use it last month, so I had to pay cash. 

Mail in Rebates
Lienenkugel's NBPR - $7.00 x 2 = $14.00
Truvia MBG - $4.59 x 2 = $9.18
Land O Lakes Free Butter Spread - $3.00
Total - $26.18 

I also requested my first rebate check from Checkout 51 for $20.01.

Total expenses after rebates = $197.20 


  1. And I am sure the list of things that you got was huge! Great month!!!

  2. Great job! I just wanted to make sure your alright and got my last 2 emails? Take care...