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Loudoun County Limbo
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year and a Fond Farewell

Dear Loudoun County Limbo Readers - 

You may have noticed that I have been posting here less frequently than before. I started this blog as a New Year's Resolution on January 1st, 2012 and have tried to post daily for the past 3 years to bring you the best deals and savings in the Loudoun County, VA area.  I have published nearly 2000 posts and my time for this service has now come to an end.

This blog has been a wonderful creative and learning experience for me, and I want to thank all of you readers who have supported me in my endeavors. However, it has also been a lot of work, and I find that I am now more interested in other areas, particularly in growing my Ebay business. 

I don't want to leave you hanging, so I will post links to other resources here that I have found especially helpful:

Harris Teeter:
Homemaking Mom 
The Harris Teeter Deals
Moola Saving Mom
Centsible Saver

Rite Aid:
A Super Savvy Saver
The Accidental Saver
I Heart Rite Aid
Cuckoo for Coupons
Michelle's Frugal Living (she does YouTube videos)

I Heart CVS

Deals at multiple stores:
Krazy Coupon Lady
Living Rich with Coupons
A Full Cup
Coupon Like a Man
Hot Coupon World
We Use Coupons
and the master of them all, Slickdeals

Also, if you don't mind investing $12.00 a year for an on-line subscription, Michele Easter's site Refund Cents is well worth the cost for match ups and tips on all kinds of savings. She is the original "coupon queen" and was doing rebates, refunds, and coupon deals decades before Extreme Couponing hit the airwaves.

I wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2015 and will miss hearing from you. Please feel free to drop me a line any time at lclimbo-blogspot.com.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

NBPR Rebate Form Holiday Giveaway!

I have four awesome No Beer Purchase Required Rebate forms to giveaway, and I will send one each to the first four readers who leave a comment below!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Saving Star Friday Freebie - Hunts Tomato Paste!

Get your Friday Freebie from Saving Star before Monday - a 6 oz can of Hunts tomato paste! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Saving Star Healthy Offer - Sweet Potatoes!

This week Saving Star is offering 20% cash back on any purchase of loose sweet potatoes! 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kellogg's Family Rewards Bonus Points!

Here are two bonus codes from Kellogg's Family Rewards:




Friday, December 19, 2014

Shoppers Food Warehouse Coupon for $8.00!

Click HERE to print an awesome coupon for $8.00 off a $40.00 purchase at Shoppers Food Warehouse.  Use it in Leesburg or take it to Harris Teeter or Giant to use it as a competitor's coupon!!

Thanks, Dolores!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Coke Rewards 12-Pack for Only 30 Points AGAIN!

You can get 4 coupons for a free 12-pack of Coca Cola products from the My Coke Rewards site today for only 30 points each, even if you already got 4 the other day!!

Ivory Soap Money Maker at Rite Aid!

Here is a great money maker deal that you can do at Rite Aid this week, through Saturday, December 20th without any coupons!

Ivory Bar Soap, 4 pack - $3.99 
Ivory Liquid Hand Soap, 7.5 oz - $2.19
Ivory Bar Soap, 3 pack - $1.99
Ivory Bar Soap, 1 count - $1.00
On Sale Buy One Get on 50% Off
Get a $5.00 UP Reward when you buy 2 (Limit 2)

There are several scenarios depending on what you want to buy and what is in stock at your store. Here are some options:

Scenario #1
Buy 4 Ivory Soap one count bars for $3.00 and get back TWO $5.00 UP Rewards for a $7.00 money maker! 

Scenario #2
Buy 3 Ivory Soap one count bars for $2.50 and a 3-pack for $1.99. Pay $3.49 and get back TWO $5.00 UP Rewards for a $6.51 money maker! 

Scenario #3
Buy four 3-packs of Ivory Soap for $5.97 and get back TWO $5.00 UP Rewards for a $4.03 money maker!

Scenario #4
Buy 1 Liquid Hand Soap for $2.19 and three 3-packs of bar soap for $3.98. Pay $6.17 and get back $10.00 in UP Rewards for a $3.83 money maker! 

Scenario #5
Buy 2 Liquid Hand Soaps for $3.29 and two 3-pack bar soaps for $2.99. Pay $6.28 and get back $10.00 in UP Rewards for a $3.72 money maker!

Scenario #6
Buy 3 Liquid Hand Soaps for $5.48 and one 3-pack bar soap for $1.99. Pay $7.47 and get back $10.00 in UP Rewards for a $2.53  money maker! 

Saving Star Healthy Offer - Grapefruit!

This week the Healthy Offer from Saving Star is a 20% saving on any purchase of loose grapefruit! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Free Full Sized Body Wash at CVS!

Get a free full sized bottle of body wash from CVS! Go to their Minute Clinic Facebook page HERE and "like" them. Then, click on the Special Offers tab and fill out a brief form to get your freebie!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Coke Rewards 12 Pack for Only 30 Points!

Hurry over to your account at My Coke Rewards to get a free 12-pack of soda for only 30 points! You can submit for it 4 times per account! 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Saving Star Friday Freebie - Morton's Salt!

This weekend the Friday Freebie at Saving Star is Morton's Salt. While you are logged in to you account, grab this great offer on paper products too:

Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Fabulously Frugal Friday

I've had a low energy level this week, as you can probably tell from from my lackluster blogging. I didn't see a lot of hot deals at Harris Teeter and the thought of couponing just wore me out. So, I decided to just run to Food Lion on Friday and just get things we needed. When I scanned my card at the MVP machine, a coupon for $4.00 off a $40.00 purchase popped out. The first thing on my list was a birthday cake for my daughter who turned 15 on December 5th. That was $16.99:

Bridgette had invited several friends over for a spaghetti dinner to celebrate. I already had pasta, Cooked Perfect meatballs, Mama Francesca parmesan cheese and frozen New York Texas Toast garlic bread in the house from previous coupon deals. I picked up some fresh produce to make a salad, pasta sauce for the dinner, and enough other items to hit the $40.00 mark and use the coupon:

While I was shopping at Food Lion I noticed this no-beer-purchase-required rebate to get $3.00 back on the purchase of $8.00 worth of produce! 

On the way home from the store I picked up a free artificial tree that I saw posted on our local Facebook yard sale page. Our family had been discussing plans to erect a Christmas tree just the night before. When we lived in Africa, we had an artificial tree, but we gave it away when we left. Since coming to Virginia in 2009 we had purchased a live tree every year, but the thought of spending the money on one this year, dragging it into the house, and decorating it with my son, Jake, away at college and not here to help - only to have it drop needles everywhere and have big mess to clean up afterwards - just didn't excite me this year. So, I was thrilled when I saw this tree advertised and snatched it up! 

So, I didn't get a lot of "coupon shopping" done - in fact, I only used one coupon for $4.00 off a $40.00 purchase - but I managed to stay within our $50.00 food budget for the week, get everything that we needed for Bridgette's party, and solve the Christmas tree problem all in one afternoon! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Freebie at Saving Star & Sargento Deal!

This weekend the Saving Star Friday Freebie is a free box of Jell-O Gelatin or Pudding (3.8 oz)! 

While you logged into your Saving Star account, be sure to save this offer to use with free Sargento Tastings cheese at Harris Teeter this week:

Also, I noticed that there are two different coupons at coupons.com for 75 cents off Sargento Tastings cheese, which means you should be able to get 4 prints off one computer. That will give you $6.00 towards the $10.00 that you need for the Saving Star offer without spending anything but tax! 

Thanks, Alison P! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Free Sargento Tastings Cheese at Harris Teeter!

This week Harris Teeter has Sargento Tastings cheese on sale for $1.49. You can get it for free with this coupon, doubled:

$0.75 off One (1) Sargento Tastings Cheese

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Saving Star Healthy Offer - Butternut Squash

This week the Saving Star healthy offer is 20% savings on any purchase of loose Butternut Squash!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Trash to Cash Ebay Sales for November!

My first Ebay Trash to Cash sale last month wasn't really trash, but I got it for free in the mail. I sold these 2 Victoria's Secret coupons for $5.00 and I only spent a stamp to mail them someone else in Virginia! 

This empty soft case for Bolle sunglasses sold for $9.99 with free shipping, which cost me $1.93. My husband realized that he had not packed his sunglasses when we went to Florida on vacation a year and a half ago, so he bought a pair at the Sam's Club in Cocoa Beach. A few weeks ago, I fished this case for them out of our bedroom trash can, where my husband had chucked it. It sold within 24 hours after I listed it!

I pulled this case out of the same trashcan - I guess my husband was cleaning out his closet. It was the case for a Harley Davidson knife that he had purchased. It also sold for $9.99 with free First Class shipping just hours after I listed it! 

Someone gave me this Handy Manny Fix It Truck because it was missing all of the tools and the doll that came with it had a broken leg. I listed it anyway for $19.99 and the buyer paid about $10.00 for the Parcel shipping, because it was heavy!

I found these back issues of The Horse Chronicle magazine at the recycling center. They were each listed for $5.00 plus $5.75 for shipping because they were pretty thick and heavy. One buyer purchased both of them, and I was able to fit them together into a Priority Flat Rate padded envelope. So, the buyer paid a total of $21.50 and my shipping cost was $6.10.

This funny hat with build-in dreadlocks was a souvenir of our visit to Ghana when we lived in Niger. My daughter decided that she wanted to sell it so I listed it for her just before Halloween. It didn't sell then but in November someone purchased it for $22.00 plus $5.55 for shipping. I was able to send it First Class for less, so actually made about $24.00 on it.

I found this sealed package of 2001 Encarta software CD's at the recycling center. I had it listed Buy It Now (BIN) for a few months with no interest. I decided to list it as a 99 cent auction and sold it right away, plus the buyer paid $2.86 for shipping. It only cost $1.93 to ship, and I probably just broke even after fees, but when you sell anything on Ebay, it boosts your rankings on the search engines, and leads to more sales, so it was worth it to me just to get it out of the house!

My final sale for the month was another box of 29 Harlequin romances from that bonanza I found at the recycling center almost 2 years ago. This bunch went for $35.99 with free Media Mail shipping, which cost me $6.26.  

Total sales of freebie items last month was $116.38 and after shipping and fees, my profit only came to about $87.67. However, my sales from yard sale and thrift sale purchases continued to increase, and my profits from everything last month was a record high of $1000!