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Loudoun County Limbo
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Coinstar - Another Cash for Christmas Idea!

Every night my husband comes home from work and dumps his loose change into a jar. He just doesn't like all that extra weight and jingling in his pockets. I've been saving those coins all year to use at the Coinstar machine at my local supermarket.

If you select a cash voucher at Coinstar, your change will be totaled and you will receive a voucher that you can take to the register for cash, but there is a 10.9 percent fee.

You can also enroll your Paypal account with Coinstar, and have the amount directly transferred to Paypal, but there is a 9.8 percent fee.

The best use of the Coinstar - because there is no fee - is to cash in for an e-certificate with one of the following vendors:
Amazon MP3
AMC Theatres
Bass Pro Shops
Build-A-Bear Workshops
Cold Stone Creamery
Gap Options
Red Robin
Southwest Airlines
Sports Authority
The Home Depot
Toys R Us
Xbox Live

You also have the option to donate your change to one of the following charities for no fee:
Today I took my husband's change jar (above) and dumped it into the Coinstar for $43.08 worth of Amazon credit. A certificate with a code on it printed out, and I was able to easily put it on my Amazon account under Gift Cards where it says:  Apply a Gift Card to Your Account.

Then, I used part of it to order a last minute Christmas gift for my son. I'll save the rest for a future purchase, since Amazon credit never expires!

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  1. Awesome!!! We don't get a lot of change and our bank has a free coin counter but this is a great alternative to rolling all the money and taking to the bank :)