Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Harris Teeter Shopping & More Money Makers!

Here is a photo of my Harris Teeter shopping trip today:

I spent $12.48 and I will get back $2.00 from Saving Star. I already got $1.50 from Ibotta for this purchase:  50 cents for the gallon of milk (which was only $2.77 with today's Evic price) and a $1.00 for the Santa's Snacks Bonus!

That makes my final cost for this trip just under $9.00 and I only need two more packets of Starkist tuna to complete the Saving Star offer (get $4.00 when you spend $12.00). My bill should have been almost $1.72 less but I didn't realize that the Turtle Chex Mix was not part of the Buy One Get One free sale.

Even though I had already purchased 2 Betty Crocker cake mixes for the Saving Star offer previously and already used my ZVR, I got 2 more today at the Evic price of 87 cents each (in my email from Harris Teeter), because after my 85 cent coupon doubled, they only cost 2 cents apiece!

Here are two more really great deals:

McCormick's Vanilla Extract  - 97 cents
if you got this offer in your email from them:

Buy 2 for a money maker when you do this:
- Load the 50 cent ZVR loaded to your Vic card 
- Use the coupon for $1.75 off 2 from the 11/17 Red Plum insert
- Submit for the 50 cent Ibotta offer
Note: There was also a regional coupon for 50 cents off 1 McCormicks in the 12/8 Red Plum that you could use, but we didn't get it in the Washington Post.

Rolaids Antacid Tablets, 72 or 96 ct - $3.99
Money Maker when you do this:
- Load this ZVR to your Vic card:

- Use the $3.00 coupon that you can print HERE

Also, these two coupons have reset, so if you already printed them, you can print them again!
$0.75 off any ONE package of RITZ Crackers
$1.00 off TWO (2) StarKist Tuna Pouch Products

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