Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
How Low Can You Go?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Rite Aid Reese's Cup Money Maker!

I was down to only $4.00 in UP Rewards, so I stopped into Rite Aid to do the money maker Sinful Nail Polish and Almay Lip Balm deals.  I also need packing tape for my Ebay sales, so I got the cheapest one in stock: Duck HD Clear for $3.79. It was only $3.03 with my Gold Wellness discount, and I had a 50 cent coupon from the 11/10 Smart Source insert.

My total came to $2.69 plus 49 cents tax, and I paid with a $2.00 UP Reward and $1.18 cash. Then, I got back two UP Rewards for $1.99 each on the Sinful Nail Polish, so I made a $2.80 profit!

While at the register, I noticed these dark chocolate Reese's Cups with freshness peelie coupons for 50 cents off:

The tag below says:
 Buy 3 for $2.00 and get back a $1.00 Up Reward (Limit 2)

If you find these at your store, you could do this scenario:
Buy 6 for $4.00
- 6 x 50 cent freshness peelie coupons = $3.00
Pay $1.00 out of pocket
Get back 2 UP Rewards for $1.00 each! 


  1. What a yummy find! Did you get them for your own Christmas stocking :)

  2. I confess, I ate one on the way home from the store!