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Loudoun County Limbo
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Harris Teeter Super Double Coupons - List #3

Here is the shopping that I did at Harris Teeter yesterday with 16 coupons. My total came to $11.49 which was a great deal, but I was disappointed as I expected it be closer to $1.00. Here is what went haywire:

- Only 2 of my 3 Starbucks ZVR's (for $1.00 and $1.50) came off
- I grabbed the wrong sized Hormel Pepperoni, so they rang up $3.75 each instead of $2.39 each, plus I didn't have the ZVR saved
- I thought I had a ZVR for $1.00 off 2 Barilla pasta, but apparently I did not
- My ZVR for $1.00 off any 2 Planter's peanuts didn't come off, although it should have

Here are a few more match-ups:

Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasoning - $3.19
- $1.00 ZVR
- $1.00 coupon that was previously available to print from coupons. com
= Money Maker!

Horizon Macaroni & Cheese - $1.25
- 55 cent ZVR
- this coupon:
$0.55 off off any One (1) Horizon™ Mac & Cheese
= Money Maker!
15 cents if you have already used your ZVR

Yoplait Greek Yogurt - $1.00 
- $1.00 off 2 coupon from coupons.com (no longer available to print)
= 2 Free!
Bonus: If you buy 5 cups you can also use the $1.00/5 ZVR and get $1.00 from Saving Star!

Smart Balance Butter - $1.39
- $1.00 coupon from smartbalance.com website (no longer available to print)
= Free! 

Firefly Toothbrushes, 4 pk - $1.99
- $1.00 coupon that was recently available to print from coupons.com
= Free!

Muller Greek Yogurt - $1.00
- $1.00 off 2 tearpad coupon
= 2 Free!

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread, 8 oz - $2.00
- $1.00 coupon that you can print HERE,
= Free! 

Dentek Floss Picks - $2.99
- $1.50 coupon that you can print HERE
= Free!

Bayer Baby or Kids Aspirin - $2.99
- 2.00 coupon from the 6/15 Red Plum insert
= Free!

La Brea Ciabatta Bread - $2.49
- $2.00 that was recently available to print on Facebook
= Free!

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce - $1.12
- $1.00 coupon (no longer available to print, but you may have it in your stash)
= Free!

Keebler Cookies (select varieties) - $1.49
- 75 cent coupon that you can print HERE, (500 points)
= Free!
- $1.00 off 2 coupon from the most recent Kellogs Family Rewards email
= 49 cents each!

Lipton Ice Tea, Family Size, 24 count - $1.64
- 75 cent coupon that you can print HERE
= 14 cents
Note: This coupon will not double automatically, so watch when your cashier scans to let him/her know.

Tropicana Trop50 Raspberry Acai, 59 oz - $3.58
- 50 cent ZVR
- $1.50 coupon that you can print HERE,
= 50 cents! 

Finish Power & Free Automatic Dish Detergent, 17 ct - $4.49
- $2.00 coupon recently available on coupons.com
= 49 cents!

Eckrich Smoked Sausage - $2.50
- $1.00 coupon that you can print HERE
= 50 cents!

Minute Maid Drops Water Enhancer - $3.50
- $1.00 ZVR
- $1.00 coupon recently available to print on coupons.com
= 50 cents!


  1. I got the pepperoni and the first thing that I thought when I looked at your picture before I read the post was...could I have gotten the bigger pepperoni :) There is one Kernel Seasonings that is Popcorn salt which is only $2.39. I did it and the zvr came off with no trouble. There is also a money maker on the Gerber baby food when you buy 4 of the 2nd food use two $1/2 coupons from 6/8 ss and the zvr but the coupons doubled to $1.07 and then I had to fight to get the money because the many wasn't getting what I said and he told me that it was because I got the zvr (not my normal store) so don't do it unless you have a customer service person who will manually fix it or if you want to try 4 coupons to override the computer. I need to get the finish today!! We are almost out of dishwasher detergent from my long ago Rite Aid stock up so it will come in handy!!!

    1. Ohhh Finish is a good deal. I have that coupon tooo Alison and Theresa

  2. I can't find the chicken anywhere, you lucky gal
    Ohhh, I have a RC for the Horizon Macaroni & Cheese 10/$10

    1. I couldn't find it either and had to ask - it is in the freezers by the meat dept. that you lean over and grab things out of!