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Loudoun County Limbo
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Finish Dishwasher Detergent Try Me Free Offer!

There was a new Try Me Free Offer for Finish Quantum, Finish Powerball/Gelpacs and/or Finish Rinse Aid in yesterday's paper, but you don't need the form to submit for it.

Here are the details -

Send your original store identified cash register receipt dated between 6/15/14 and 7/12/14 with the purchase price circled, the UPC code copied from the detergent carton or rinse aid bottle or both and your name, address, and email on a 3x5 card to:

Finish Try Me Free
Box 2511 
Grand Rapids, MN 55745-2511

Receive a check for the purchase price up to $4.50 for the detergent and up to $4.50 for the rinse aid by mail. Offer good in the U.S. except for RI and CT. Requests must be postmarked by 8/23/14. Maximum refund is $9.00.

These are the qualifying products:

Finish Quantum - 10 ct or 12 ct
Finish Powerball/Gelpacs - 12 ct, 17 ct or 20 ct
Finish Rinse Aid - 6.76 oz or 8.45 oz

Just in time for me, I have ONE dishwasher detergent tablet left in my stockpile!

UPDATE: Finish has confirmed that you can do this rebate, even if you submitted for it last year! 

And you can print coupons for 75 cent off HERE.


  1. Do you have any idea if this can be claimed if it has already been claimed in the past? I am pretty sure I used this same product offer in December.

    1. I believe it is a new offer and it won't matter that you did it before. I did it twice in 2013 - once in September and again with the rebate came out in December.

    2. Thank you, Theresa!

  2. Finish is also part of the CVS Gas Gift Deal this week tooooo :-)

  3. I was at target yesterday and they have buy 2 Finish items and get a 3rd free. There was a attached $0.50 to one of the packaging which I missed until I saw it at home.

  4. I tried to complete the form at the Finish website, which it kept denying my saying URI was not completed. I have tried to call and still NO response. Here's what I've been complaining about.

    I submitted / mailed and post marked on 7/14/2014 all required information for the 6/15/14 - 7/12/14 rebate up to $9.00. All original rebate form, original store identified cash register receipt dated 7/12/14 with purchase price circled, UPC codes on BOTH products required on rebate form, filled out full name, full address and email on the 3X5 card. It is NOW 9/30/14, which is well past your estimated 6-8 weeks and I STILL DO NOT HAVE ME REBATE. IF my rebate is NOT received, I will QUIT using FINISH products and return to CASCADE or other brands.

  5. Submitted my rebate at end of July and have not received my lousy $4.50 check yet. Like the above poster, 6 to 8 weeks, and it's been over 2 months now!