Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

What I Spent in May - Way Under Budget!!

Even though I wasn't keeping track every week during May, I still managed to stay way under my $50.00 weekly budget! I find this particularly amazing since we had no Super Doubles event at Harris Teeter in May.

Here is the breakdown of my expenses for food, toiletries and paper products:

Harris Teeter - $54.63
Food Lion - $57.32
Rite Aid - $6.89
Safeway - $5.90
Giant - $9.05
Total - $133.79

This total included a $5.95 activation fee for a $500 Visa debit card to do the gas points deal that was posted on Minniemizing.

 I have a feeling we ate out more than usual last month, and since I don't keep good tabs on that budget, it may not be that we actually spent less than usual on food...

I also sent off for the following rebates:

Lysol Max Try Me Free Offer - $3.99
Bic Flamedisk Try Me Free Offer = $2.99
Two Free Washington Nationals Tickets X 2 = Priceless?

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  1. I always spend less without super doubles but I just get a lot less :) Great month!! Maybe it is just a really busy month because my totals were the lowest they have ever been. Hope June is off to a great start.