Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Giant Pork Deal and Prescription Offer!

Yesterday I went to Giant to take advantage of the Saving Star rebate on fresh pork. In order to get the most bang for my buck, I picked out the smallest, and therefore cheapest, pork loin and chops that I could find. They were the Giant brand and I was careful to get a pork loin with no seasoning, as specified in the offer:

My total for this purchase was $13.46 with tax, but after my Saving Star credit, the final cost will be $7.46! 

When I paid this wonderful coupon popped out out of the Catalina machine to get $25.00 worth of free groceries for transferring a prescription to the pharmacy at Giant:

We currently only have one prescription in the family, which resides at Rite Aid, but it will be finding a new home at Giant this week! I haven't been lucky finding good deals on Halloween candy this year, so I may use this coupon to cover that expense. 

Then, hopefully, Rite Aid will have one of those coupons in their ad again soon to get a $25.00 UP Reward for transferring a prescription to them, and I can move it back again! 

If you have prescriptions to move but don't have this coupon, you can fill them at Harris Teeter for free food


  1. They didn't have that offer here in PA in my saving star, you were lucky...

  2. I need to make it over to Giant and get the pork too. It is such a good deal to get all that money back and get something to fill the freezer for down the road. Thanks for the reminder!