Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Trash to Cash Ebay Sales for November!

My first Ebay Trash to Cash sale last month wasn't really trash, but I got it for free in the mail. I sold these 2 Victoria's Secret coupons for $5.00 and I only spent a stamp to mail them someone else in Virginia! 

This empty soft case for Bolle sunglasses sold for $9.99 with free shipping, which cost me $1.93. My husband realized that he had not packed his sunglasses when we went to Florida on vacation a year and a half ago, so he bought a pair at the Sam's Club in Cocoa Beach. A few weeks ago, I fished this case for them out of our bedroom trash can, where my husband had chucked it. It sold within 24 hours after I listed it!

I pulled this case out of the same trashcan - I guess my husband was cleaning out his closet. It was the case for a Harley Davidson knife that he had purchased. It also sold for $9.99 with free First Class shipping just hours after I listed it! 

Someone gave me this Handy Manny Fix It Truck because it was missing all of the tools and the doll that came with it had a broken leg. I listed it anyway for $19.99 and the buyer paid about $10.00 for the Parcel shipping, because it was heavy!

I found these back issues of The Horse Chronicle magazine at the recycling center. They were each listed for $5.00 plus $5.75 for shipping because they were pretty thick and heavy. One buyer purchased both of them, and I was able to fit them together into a Priority Flat Rate padded envelope. So, the buyer paid a total of $21.50 and my shipping cost was $6.10.

This funny hat with build-in dreadlocks was a souvenir of our visit to Ghana when we lived in Niger. My daughter decided that she wanted to sell it so I listed it for her just before Halloween. It didn't sell then but in November someone purchased it for $22.00 plus $5.55 for shipping. I was able to send it First Class for less, so actually made about $24.00 on it.

I found this sealed package of 2001 Encarta software CD's at the recycling center. I had it listed Buy It Now (BIN) for a few months with no interest. I decided to list it as a 99 cent auction and sold it right away, plus the buyer paid $2.86 for shipping. It only cost $1.93 to ship, and I probably just broke even after fees, but when you sell anything on Ebay, it boosts your rankings on the search engines, and leads to more sales, so it was worth it to me just to get it out of the house!

My final sale for the month was another box of 29 Harlequin romances from that bonanza I found at the recycling center almost 2 years ago. This bunch went for $35.99 with free Media Mail shipping, which cost me $6.26.  

Total sales of freebie items last month was $116.38 and after shipping and fees, my profit only came to about $87.67. However, my sales from yard sale and thrift sale purchases continued to increase, and my profits from everything last month was a record high of $1000!

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  1. Wow Theresa that is Awesome!!!!!!!! Love when you post things like this, look at all the things you recycle that doesn't make it into the landfills. Great job!