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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year and a Fond Farewell

Dear Loudoun County Limbo Readers - 

You may have noticed that I have been posting here less frequently than before. I started this blog as a New Year's Resolution on January 1st, 2012 and have tried to post daily for the past 3 years to bring you the best deals and savings in the Loudoun County, VA area.  I have published nearly 2000 posts and my time for this service has now come to an end.

This blog has been a wonderful creative and learning experience for me, and I want to thank all of you readers who have supported me in my endeavors. However, it has also been a lot of work, and I find that I am now more interested in other areas, particularly in growing my Ebay business. 

I don't want to leave you hanging, so I will post links to other resources here that I have found especially helpful:

Harris Teeter:
Homemaking Mom 
The Harris Teeter Deals
Moola Saving Mom
Centsible Saver

Rite Aid:
A Super Savvy Saver
The Accidental Saver
I Heart Rite Aid
Cuckoo for Coupons
Michelle's Frugal Living (she does YouTube videos)

I Heart CVS

Deals at multiple stores:
Krazy Coupon Lady
Living Rich with Coupons
A Full Cup
Coupon Like a Man
Hot Coupon World
We Use Coupons
and the master of them all, Slickdeals

Also, if you don't mind investing $12.00 a year for an on-line subscription, Michele Easter's site Refund Cents is well worth the cost for match ups and tips on all kinds of savings. She is the original "coupon queen" and was doing rebates, refunds, and coupon deals decades before Extreme Couponing hit the airwaves.

I wish you all a prosperous and healthy 2015 and will miss hearing from you. Please feel free to drop me a line any time at lclimbo-blogspot.com.


  1. Oh no! Super bummed, but very happy for you and grateful for all you have done to help us. I will check out the recommended blogs. Happy new year and best of luck with your ebay business!

  2. Thank you for the great information the last 3 years. It was obvious on how much time you put into providing this useful information. I have truely learned a lot and am very grateful. I wish you and your family a safe and healthy a New Year.

  3. Happy New Year Theresa, I will miss you too, but I do understand. Have a great 2015

  4. Sorry to say goodbye but I understand. I follow you on ebay so I guess I will see what stuff you are selling!!! I hope you have a great time and enjoy more free time now that you aren't blogging :) Stop by and visit sometime soon!!

  5. Happy New Year!!! I consider myself very fortunate to have found you and this blog. You saved my butt and money....over and over again with the breakdowns and deals. Please keep in touch via FB and enjoy your next journey aka ebay :-) God Bless
    Virtual Hugs and Endless thanks to you

  6. Super Doubles is about to start and out of habit I clicked your link the other day...then realized you were gone. I got sad and sappy.

    I can remember how frustrated I was in not being able to find local match ups for HT Super Doubles. Then one day I stumbled upon your blog. You were a life saver. In your blog you introduced me to the world of Loudoun County recycling. That was an adventure! You had giveaway for rebates which made me remember and revitalize my interest in rebates and the savings. You posted Food Lion match ups. I hate Food Lion but soon discovered the wonderful world of trash to treasure weekly tickets. I relied on your Coke Bonus Codes postings to get those extra bonus points. I loved your stockpile supper meals, pictures, and menus. I loved reading about your eBay adventures. In a nutshell....I enjoyed your blog immensely

    I just wanted to send this little note that you have touched a lot of lives with your blog including mine :-) I truly grateful and appreciative for the time and effort you took to post. :-)

  7. Thanks so much, Theresa, for your dedication and time during the past years. I am a faithful reader of your blog, and will miss you! But I totally understand and respect your need to step away from the demands of daily blogging. Best to you and your family!