Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mail in Rebates and Try Me Free Offers

Every month I send off for as may Try Me Free offers and Mail in Rebates as I can find. I especially like "No Beer Purchase Required" (NBPR) and "No Wine Purchase Required" (NWPR) rebates, because they often pay me for purchasing meat, produce, and other things that are difficult to get for free with coupons. Some times I find these forms in the beer/wine aisle of the store, but often I get them in trade.

Tomorrow I am mailing these checks to the bank for a total deposit of $31.35:

I should have made more this month, but I forgot to put my birth date on a couple of rebates, and I got postcards in the mail asking me to call the processing center and confirm that I am old enough to buy alcohol! 

I never did Money Back Guarantees before I starting couponing and refunding, but now I do them often, since I learned that MBG's are just another marketing ploy to encourage you to buy a product. I always put down my reason for dissatisfaction with the product as "the price was too high" and I have not been rejected yet! 

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