Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Monday, March 10, 2014

My Monday Morning Marketing

This morning I ran over to Rite Aid to get the Stride gum and Bic Razors that I posted about:

I spent $1.19 out of pocket and got back a $1.00 UP Reward.

Then, I stopped in to Harris Teeter to pick up some yogurt. My 18 year old son is home from college on spring break, so it doesn't hurt to have extra snacks in the fridge! I already had a $3.50 credit from the General Mills promo, and I got the following:

6 Yoplait yogurts - $3.00
1 stalk of celery - $2.29
Fixodent - $4.99
Total = $10.28 - $3.50 instant savings = $6.78 - $3.30 in coupons = $3.48 plus tax

For some reason my Fixodent ZVR didn't come off so I went to customer service and got back $2.50 plus tax. 

Total of first transaction = 98 cents and I earned another $3.50 credit.

In my second transaction I got:
6 Yoplait yogurt - $3.00
1 Miracle Whip - $3.00
1 Oscar Mayer P3 Protein Pack - $1.99
2 Haribo Gummy Bears - $1.49
Total $9.48 - $3.50 instant savings = $5.98 - 75 cent ZVR for the P3 = $5.23 - $5.00 in coupons

Total of second transaction = 23 cents plus tax and I earned another $3.50 credit! 

When I got home I took the Stride gum from Rite Aid and the Gummy Bears from Harris Teeter and added them to the other candy bars that I got for free or close to it while shopping this week:

I squirrelled all the candy away to add to my kids' Easter baskets. And speaking of baskets, I peeked into the dumpster at a thrift store today and found all these baskets inside:

I brought them home and posted them on a Facebook yard sale site and immediately sold them for $10.00.

All in all, a pretty good day! 


  1. What a great time to sell baskets! Awesome!

  2. I love baskets, and "what there is a facebook yard sale site?"

    1. Lisa, I started a Facebook virtual yard sale page for my community, because Craig's List covered such a large geographical area that it wasn't practical for me. My group now has nearly 3000 members! Afterwards, I found out there were many other nearby groups. You can search for the words "yard sale" or "garage sale" and your town or county on Facebook to see if there is one in your area.

    2. Theresa, Thanks for replying, I have to check that out. Do you let people come to your house or do you meet them for pick up? I here it's dangerous to let people come over, but I do have 2 yard sales yearly that I put out my extra stockpile stuff I won't use, although I put a bunch up on ebay the last 2 days, things I don't make much on at yard sales I decided to put them on ebay. I must have run out of free listings today, they wanted to charge me 30c, so I stopped listing. How did you do this yard sale page? Just like a facebook page, could you send me the link in my email? Like you haven't helped me a lot in the last few day right? You are so good at this stuff, you amaze me, and that's saying a lot I have been couponing for 35+ years and you are such a big help to me. Thank you again for being such a cyber friend to me, I do appreciate it!

  3. Great deals and I forgot to get the Fixodent :( I did finally remember the shampoo though so one step at a time and I have the $3.50 credit to get next weeks deals too. I am going to be so sad when it goes away!