Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Final Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip & Deal

When I posted my first list of matchups for this Harris Teeter Super Doubles event, I decided to try and trade for some of the regional Little Debbie coupons that we did not get in the Washington Post. I found a couponer on A Full Cup who was looking for Box Tops for Education and lived in California. I made a deal with her to trade 5 BTFE per coupon, and I just got my 5 coupons in the mail yesterday. 

I also received coupons from my mom, who lives in Virginia Beach, in the mail. One of her inserts had a regional coupon for $2.00 off 2 DiGiorno pizzas in it.

Due to the limitation of 3 identical coupons per transaction, I planned my shopping today like this:

First Transaction:
2 DiGiorno Pizzas - $5.00 each
3 Little Debbie items - $1.79 each
Total - $15.37

- $2.00 off 2 DiGiorno pizzas
- $1.00 off Little Debbie x 3
= $9.37 after doubling.

I paid $6.28 with tax and got back a $1.00 catalina for the DiGiorno pizzas that I knew would double on my next transaction. 

Then I did another transaction to get 2 more Little Debbie items and the rest of my groceries. After my coupons and $1.00 catalina doubled, I spent a total of $6.55.  So, my grand total for everything pictured below was $12.83.

Here is a last minute deal for the Campbell's Healthy Request Soup:

Buy 3 for $1.00 each = $3.00
- $1.00 off 3 ZVR loaded to your Vic card
- $1.00 coupon that you can print HERE, doubled
= 3 Free!


  1. Great trip!! My store has huge signs now about splitting transactions and anyone doing anything to stretch the coupon limits. I am not sure why the posted them because there are always a few people who cause problems but I went to another store up here and there wasn't a sign so it was obviously store specific. Although, I had my five year old do a transaction to get extra rice so that we wouldn't come back to empty shelves. What a great trip. Sorry I missed the deal on the soup!!

    1. I sometimes have one one my kids do a separate transaction too. The limit of 3 identical coupons is one that the cashier has to monitor, and I have been able to use more than 3 in the past depending on the cashier.