Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Neuro Sleep BOGO Free Deal at Giant!

If you recently got the coupon from Neuro Sleep that I posted about HERE, you can take it to Giant where they are on sale Buy One Get One Free this week!  There are two coupons on the same postcard:

One for a free bottle -

And one for a free bottle when you buy a bottle on the reverse -

I had a hard time finding this, because I was expecting it to be a small bottle near the sleep aids on the "over-the-counter drug" aisle. It turned out to be a large bottle on the "bottled water" aisle.  

I bought 4 bottles and some marked down bananas today, but the coupons did not scan properly. Although the Neuro was on sale $2.00 for $4.00 (in addition to being BOGO Free), my cashier took off the full price of $2.59 for one. I thought my total of $2.28 seemed high, so I reviewed my receipt after checkout and found that only one of the coupons had been subtracted. I went to customer service, where I received another $2.59 for my second coupon. That means this trip was a 31 cent money maker

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