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Loudoun County Limbo
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sugar Raincheck Magic at Harris Teeter!

After three years of full-time couponing, I feel like I just finally got the hang of using rainchecks. I was very excited last week that 4 lb bags of Domino's granulated sugar were on sale at Harris Teeter for $1.33 each (when you bought 3 for $4.00). We go through a lot of sugar in my household between my coffee addiction and my daughter's recent passion for baking. 

I arranged a trade with someone in Louisiana who got the regional coupons for 40 cents off one bag in her 4/6 Red Plum. I sent her $1.00 Paypal in exchange for 10 coupons, but they didn't arrive until the last day of the sale. 

No problem, because my store ran out of Domino's sugar within the first two days of the sale and I was able to get a couple of rainchecks. 

Today I went and bought 6 bags of sugar for $8.00, but after my 6 coupons for 40 cents off doubled, I only paid a total of $3.20. That works out to 53 cents a bag


  1. WAY TO G!!! I got rainchecks today for Hellmans and Truscuits today. Thanks to thenew $1/1 coupons in the paper for both....the store was out quickly since both are on BOGO this week. I am saving my raincheck and $1/1 coupons for a possible SD next week or very soon :-)

  2. Wow what a great buy. Sugar here is never under $2 a bag, so what a buy!

    1. I know, Lisa! I broke my personal rule of not paying for coupons to do this deal!!