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Loudoun County Limbo
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Friday, April 11, 2014

What I Spent in March - Just the Right Amount!

I finally got organized and tallied up my receipts for the month of March. Here are the results:

Harris Teeter - $112.42
Giant - $26.85
Food Lion - $24.15
Rite Aid - $14.70
CVS - $4.41
Dollar Tree - $3.35
Target - $6.79 (used gift card that I got from My Coke Rewards)
Total - $199.77

I stayed right within my $200 budget last month thanks to Super Doubles at Harris Teeter and the awesome $3.50 General Mills produce offer that kept repeating, also at Harris Teeter.

These are the rebates that I sent off for:

Scope Mouthwash - $4.49
Ban Refresh Towlettes - $2.99
Cremo Shaving Cream - $7.99
Shock Top NBPR Produce - $4.00
Stella Artois Prepared Foods - $4.00
Zantac Try Me Free Offer - $8.63
Mucinex Allergy Meds - $2.50
Bud Light Lime NBPR - $4.00
Total = $38.60

I'm hoping for another great coupon event at Harris Teeter near the end of the month. Last year they had Triple Coupons in April! 

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  1. woo hoo!!! That is a great total! I know that general mills promotion and super doubles were really helpful for me too. I had record low totals for the month of March.