Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Harris Teeter Meal Deal and Money Makers!

Here is a photo of my Harris Teeter trip today. I spent $14.60 and I will get back $4.59 from Truvia. I was expecting my Truvia ZVR for $1.25 to come off and it didn't. When I got home I doubled checked my list of Evic's and found that only the 80 ct. or larger size qualified.

I did a variation on the deal that I posted about HERE, because I didn't have 5 Barilla sauce coupons, and it worked out even better than free!

I got:
- 3 jars of Barilla pasta sauce @ $1.49 each = $4.47
- 2 boxes of Barilla whole wheat pasta @ $1.29 each = $2.58
- 1 bag HT Farmers Market salad - $2.79
Total = $9.84

Then I used:
2 Barilla coupons for $1.00 from the 4/27 Smart Source insert
1 Barilla coupon for 75 cents off that you can print HERE
1 of these coupons:
$1.00 off any two BARILLA Whole Grain Pasta
After doubling, my coupon total came to $5.50
$9.84 - $7.50 in coupons = $2.34 - $2.79 for the free salad
= 45 cent money maker! 

I also had an unexpected money maker on the Rolaids! They are on sale for $3.99, but regularly $5.29. I bought two for $7.98 and used the Buy One Get One Free coupon that you can print HERE, plus a $2.00 coupon that I had in my binder leftover from last Super Doubles. The BOGO coupon auto-scanned for $5.29, giving me $1.31 in overage

Finally, I did the Meal Deal for this week - $9.99
Must buy all 6 in one transaction:
- Mission Soft Taco Tortillas
- Mission Tortilla Chips
- HT Shredded Cheese
- HT Sour Cream
- Perdue Shortcuts
- Pace Salsa

I used the coupon for $1.00 off the Perdue Shortcuts that you can print HERE to reduce the cost to $7.99. My store was all out of the Mission tortilla chips, so the manager allowed me to substitute the Tostitos.

If you have the Perdue Shortcuts coupon, plus the $1.00 peelie coupon on the Mission tortillas, you can get the whole enchilada for only $5.99!

Here is another deal that I did that was a money maker:

I bought:
2 Soft Soap Hand Soaps, 10 oz @ $2.50 each
1 Speedstick Deodorant - $2.50
Total = $7.50

I used:
2 Soft Soap coupon for $1.00 from the 4/27 Smart Source insert, doubled
1 Speedstick Deodorant coupon for $1.00 from the 4/27 Smart Source insert, doubled
Coupon Total = $6.00

Then I got the $3.00 instant savings for purchasing 3 participating Colgate-Palmolive items, and $1.50 in overage!


  1. I had a bad trip to the store today. I took my son so it was a little bit below the norm already. They wouldn't double one of the coupons for the ravioli and told me that they were now pulling all of the do not double coupons! UGH! I got a few things but they were still out of domino quick dissolve and Mahatma rice. I guess I will have to find a different store if this happens again!

  2. Jealous here in PA!!! But HAPPY for you Theresa, you go girl!