Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Magazine Mayhem at the Recycling Center!

I braved the nearly 100 degree heat to hit the recycling center the other day because I was low on shipping supplies. I was hoping to find some padded mailers, bubble wrap, and empty boxes to use for my Ebay sales. Since I started selling on Ebay I have never purchased any of these items - my only expense has been tape. And last month I "bought" a bunch of tape off Amazon with credit that I had earned from Swagbucks

Anyway, when I opened up one of the dumpster doors, I found an entire year of Seventeen, Vogue, and Teen Vogue magazine issues.

I loaded them into my backseat, then peeked into another dumpster where I found that someone had ditched several years worth of horse magazines! They filled up the rest of the back seat:

After I got home, my son Jake and I sorted them all out by issue and year so that we could start listing them on Ebay:

Magazines cannot be sent by media mail, because they contain advertising, and they are heavy to ship, so I always list them with "calculated shipping" which the buyer has to pay separately.

Oh, and I also found some shoe boxes, Kellogg's Family Reward codes and Coke Codes, but I guess I'll have to try another day for those elusive padded mailers....


  1. You can get boxes of padded mailers cheap at Sam's Club! I may be able to save you some bubble wrap at work. Will keep you posted! :)

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. but I no longer belong to Sam's Club, Nice to see you commenting!!

  2. You really inspire me .Good job. I still have to learn ebay. I have so many magazines and do not know how to start. Thank You for all that you do.