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Loudoun County Limbo
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Friday, July 4, 2014

My Trash to Cash Ebay Sales for June!

My favorite sale on Ebay this month were these Hand-Painted Ceramic Knobs. I decorated them myself about 10 years ago at one of those "paint your own pottery" places to match our bathroom cupboards. They had been in the basement ever since we moved out of that house, and I was kind of loathe to part with them, even though they were not being used. I listed them for $25.99 with free first class shipping, which cost me $3.47. They sat for a while and then were suddenly purchased by an historic inn in Cambridgeshire, England! I am so glad they went to their right and perfect home.  

This lot of 16 Harlequin Romantic Suspense paperbacks that I found at the recycling center sold for $24.99 with free media mail shipping, which cost me $3.40.

This lot of 3 Similasan Eye Drops that were a money maker at Rite Aid in March sold for $15.00 with free first class shipping, which cost me $2.09.

I found this small booklet on tropical plants used for medicinal purposes in the trash dumpster, and priced it kind of high because it was a one-of-kind specialty item. It sold on Ebay to an academic for $25.99 with free shipping, which cost me $2.92 for first class postage plus tracking.  

This lot of 25 Harlequin Romance novels from the Montana Maverick series that I found in the dumpster at the recycling center sold for $39.99 with free media mail shipping, which cost me $9.71. 

I found these Cherolet Chevelle Rear End Suspension Control Arm Bushings that my husband bought off Ebay last year in the garage. He planned to used them on a project that never happened, and they were taking up space. They sold for $59.00 plus the buyer paid $10.95 for shipping! 

This vintage guide to the Wold Expo in 1967 sold to someone in Australia via the Global Shipping Program for $12.99 with free shipping. I paid $2.09 for first class postage and tracking to the Ebay GSP center in Kentucky, and the buyer paid the rest of the international postage. My parents actually drove to this fair in Montreal, Canada. I remember it vividly, even though I was only 6 years old, because it was the only vacation they ever took without kids. My sister and I stayed with our grandparents for a week, and they brought us back neat souvenirs:  a Russian "matryoshka" stacking doll for my sister and red satin Japanese pajamas for me. 

These weren't Ebay sales, but quick money makers - I found these two items thrown into the dumpster at my recycling center (why I don't know, since they are not recyclables) and listed them on my Facebook Virtual Yard Sale page for $5.00 each. Both sold immediately! 

One was a black canvas bag full of youth baseball helmets:

The other was a nice rolling Louisville Slugger sports bag:

This was my best trash-to-cash sale this month. I found this vintage set of Sam Snead Blue Ridge golf clubs out for the trash on my street last summer and threw them into my car. I tried to sell them on my local Facebook Yard Sale site a few times, with no luck. They spent the winter in my basement and when I listed them again this month they sold immediately for $50.00!

My total sales for June came to $263.95 but after shipping costs of $23.68 and Ebay/Paypal fees of $26.61, my profit for June was $213.66!


  1. This is very interesting! I liked hearing about your parents' vacation and what you received as gifts when they returned, seeing the door knobs you painted 10 years ago, and all the stuff you pulled out of recycling centers and dumpsters and turned a profit on. So much fun making money off other people's "junk".

  2. Awesome Theresa, so inspiring - I love these posts!

  3. I too love these posts! You give people incentive to post on ebay, I know you do me! Thank you for sharing, it's awesome the money saving tips you show us here. Sometimes it takes these kind of posts to get me motivated. Thanks so much!

  4. I love these posts toooooooo :-) thanks!!!