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Loudoun County Limbo
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Unbelievable Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip!

Last week was my best Super Doubles event ever! In the past I either ran out of coupons and / or my store ran out of stock early in the week. This time I went every day and doubled 20 coupons each time. My last trip yesterday was my favorite.

First, I did the money maker Stayfree deal at Rite Aid 3 times. Then, I went to Harris Teeter with my 3 catalinas for $2.00 on your next order.

I scanned the meat section for items to buy with my Fresh Pork couponI found these pork chops that were marked down from $6.19 to $2.45, so 45 cents after the coupon doubled.

Also these pork ribs that were marked down from $8.85 to $3.13, so $1.13 after the doubled coupon.

I was delighted to find 6 of these gourmet "Dinner at Home" meals that are regularly $6.99, on sale for $4.99, with $4.00 markdown stickers on them, making them 99 cents each!

I don't know why my pics are going every which way - they were upright before I plugged them into the blog!

Then I used my 3 catalinas from Rite Aid and 17 other coupons to get all this for 36 cents!

Harris Teeter Super Doubles shopping trip that cost 32 cents

Another bonus was that the Red Baron pizzas I purchased have movie codes on them - 4 codes gets you a free movie ticket!  You can read about the promo HERE!

And here is my receipt, showing that I saved $96.55 with coupons!

How did you do at Super Doubles this time around??


  1. Hi discovered your blog half way through HT Super Doubles - my only regret was not discovering it sooner. Thanks for all your HT pics and posts! This was my first HT Super Doubles and your blog was very useful. My husband is especially happy over your 69cent Chock full o'Nuts post. I look forward to reading more of your local posts
    Fairfax County, VA

  2. Question- this was my first HT Super Doubles. How often does the Super Doubles come about? Is it always for doubling Q's $2.00 and less? I heard someone talk about Triples, do they do that any more? thanks :-) Sorry for so many questions

  3. Harris Teeter has a special event about every 6 weeks. Usually it is Super Double copuons but sometimes it is Triple coupons (up to 99 cents). No problem, ask away!