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Monday, June 17, 2013

Rite Aid June Monthly Conair/Scunci Deal!

Rite Aid currently has two monthly Rite Buy Offers for UP Rewards on Conair hair products. Both promotions run through June 30, 2013 and have a Limit of 3.
The first is for a $3.00 UP Reward when you buy Conair Hair Brushes.  Here is the sign I found advertising the deal at my store:

Conair Brush Rite Buy $3 UP

I purchased this Conair Color Vibe hair brush, that is normally $3.19 but with my Gold Wellness discount only cost $2.55, and the UP Reward did not print.  My store thought that only select hairbrushes were included in the offer, but did not know which ones, and suggested that I call Rite Aid Corporate to ask that the UP Reward be mailed to me.

Conair Color Vibe Hairbrush
In the meantime, I found this list of Conair products included in the Rite Buy deal on the internet:

    boar round ($8.29/$8.99)
    boar slim ($8.79)
    classic mass ($6.99)
    club boar ($8.79)
    cushion ($5.19/$5.79/$6.79/$7.79)
    flair ($8.29)
    fusion folding brush ($5.79)
    gel ($6.79)
    hot curl ($6.99/$7.79)
    metal round ($8.29/$8.49)
    oval ($10.29)
    oval cushion ($6.79)
    paddle ($6.79/$8.29)
    perf large round ($11.99)
    perf oval ($11.99)
    perf slim ($11.99)
    professional ($6.79)
    professional metal ($6.99/$8.39)
    retractable ($14.99)
    round ($6.79/$7.79)
    straighten ($9.99)
    teasing brush ($5.99)
    therm ($6.79)
    vent ($5.79/$6.79) or vent 2 pk ($7.29)
    wood round ($6.79)
    you style large nylon round ($7.99) 

The second Conair deal is for hair accessories and includes Scunci products as well. You get back a $2.00 UP Reward when you buy 2 items. There is a Video Value coupon for $2.00 off any Conair/Scunci accessory that regularly retails for $3.99 or more.

Here is what I bought:
1 Conair Headband 4 pack - $4.49
($3.59 Gold price)
1 Scunci Jaw Clips 8 pack - $4.49
( $3.59 Gold price)
Subtotal = $7.18
-  2 Video Value coupons for $2.00 each
 = $3.18 out of pocket
Got back a $2.00 UP Reward
Final price = 59 cents each!

I would not normally spend this much, but my daughter planned to buy these with her own money, and I told her that I could get a better deal.

Here is a complete list of the accessories included in the Rite Buy deal and their prices:
    conair barette stone 2 pk ($7.79)
    conair bobbi 500 pk ($7.39)
    conair jewel or pearl bobbi 6 pk ($5.29)
    conair rhinstone barrette ($6.99)
    conair rhinstone bobbi 6 pk ($4.49)
    conair rhinstone jaw 2 pk ($8.49)
    conair modern glam headband 1 pk ($5.99)
    scunci chnk jaw ($4.19)
    scunci jaw clips ($4.49)
    scunci jaw grip med 1 pk ($5.29)
    scunci kids ns headwrap 4 pk ($4.99)
    scunci kids thin headwrap ($4.99)
    scunci large jaw clip ($4.49/$4.69)
    scunci nat barrette ($4.29)
    scunci no damage clip 3 pk ($4.29)
    scunci no slip barrettes 6 pk ($4.29)
    scunci no slip jaw ($4.19)
    scunci metal headband 3 pk ($4.49)
    scunci mini jaw clips 8 pk ($4.29)
    scunci mini wff pony 6 pk ($4.19)
    scunci snap clip 6 pk ($4.29)
    scunci thick jaw large ($4.69)
    scunci thin headband ($4.49)

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