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Loudoun County Limbo
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pfizer Rebate or How I Get Paid to Shop!

 Last night I made an amazing shopping trip in order to submit for this rebate which was in the Red Plum insert of 1-29-12. It is good for $10 back when you buy three of the following Pfizer products:

- Centrum, Centrum Silver, or Centrum Specialists 60ct+,
- ProNutrients Omega or Fruits & Veggies 50ct+or ProNutrients Probiotic 14ct+,

- Caltrate Soft Chews 60ct+,
- Advil 40ct+ Advil PM 16ct+, Children's Advil 4oz+, or Advil Congestion Relief 10ct+
- Thermacare 2ct+,
- Robitussin liquid 4oz+ or tablet/cough gel 20ct+
- Dimetapp 4oz+

Your purchases must be made between 1/24/12 and 2/29/12 and the limit is one per household. All three items must be on one receipt!
Here is what the form looks like:


I wormed my way through the crazed last minute Valentine's Day shoppers at Rite Aid to pick up 6 Thermacare HeatWraps. They were on sale 2/$12 so my total came to $36.

I used six coupons for $3 off each that I got here totalling $18. That brought my out of pocket expense down to $18.

The Thermacare HeatWraps qualify for two current +UP promotions at Rite Aid:
Weekly UP deal
- Get a $4 Up reward when you buy 2 Thermacare (Limit 4)
Monthly UP deal
- Get a $10 UP reward when you spend $25 on Advil/Thermacare (Limit 4)

Since I spent $36 before coupons, I qualified for the $10 UP plus three of the $4 UP's, and got back $22 in UP rewards.

However, I only actually spent $18, so I made a $4 profit on the spot. After I submit for the rebate, I will get another $10 for a total $14 profit.

The amount that you spend on the Advil/Thermacare deal will track on the bottom of your receipt - you don't need to spend all $25 in one transaction.  Since I "spent" $36 yesterday, I have $11 left over towards another $10 UP when you spend $25.

I plan to pick up 3 more Thermacare today for another $18, minus $9 in coupons, pay $9 out of pocket and get my last $4 UP and another $10 UP. That will give me another $5 profit for a grand total of $19!

Finally, Rite Aid has a promotion going on for the month of February called the Winter Rewards. When you spend $100 during the month on qualifying items with your Wellness Card, you get a $20 UP reward. The Thermacare are on the list of qualifying items, so by purchasing 9 of them for $6 each, I will have accumulated $54 towards this reward! Click here for a complete list of items that qualify.

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