Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Giant Shopping Trip - Feb 7, 2012

Today I decided to spend $50.00 at Giant in order to use the Bonus 300 Gas Points coupon that I posted about the other day. Only I didn't want to actually spend that much, so I put together a deal with some high value coupons that I had.

 If you use the hand scanner to scan the price of items as you shop you can make sure that you get to the amount you want without going over too far. Here are my dogs Ziggy and Hugger with the items I purchased, which normally would have cost $50.26. (Ziggy is eating a dog treat that she got for posing).

Ziggy and Hugger with their dog food
I used $34.18 worth of coupons and got a discount of $4.36 from Giant because Hershey bars are on sale this week (Buy 2, Get 2 Free). So my total savings came to $38.54, which means my bill was only $11.82 plus $1.75 tax, or $13.57 out of pocket.

I could have spent less, but I really wanted that Chef Boyardee Ravioli!

If you have 2 of the coupons from the Smart Source insert of 1/8/12 to get a free Hershey's Air Delight Aerated Candy Bar free when you buy any Hershey Bar, you can get 4 chocolate bars for free at Giant this week. Two will be free from the store and 2 will be free with your coupon!

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