Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Refunding for Fun and Profit

I started refunding about two years ago. I began slowly, doing a refund here and a refund there. This month I reached my all time high for refunds. Below you see a photo of the 26 checks that I have received in 2012 totalling over $172!!

What is wonderful about these refunds was that I received them all for purchasing grocery items like meat and cheese or on items that I got for free with coupons or drugstore rewards!

The pink check on the left hand side is my Single Check Rebate from  Rite Aid . I entered my receipt info for purchases that qualified for rebates on-line, and at the end of the month Rite Aid sent me a check for the total amount. You can either deposit this check into your bank account or use it to shop at  Rite Aid for future purchases.

All of the checks in the middle and the big pink ones on the right are from beer companies, but I didn't purchase any beer to receive them. In some states you can not be required to purchase alcohol in order to receive a rebate, and Virginia is one of them. These are called "No Beer Purchase Required" rebates - abbreviated as NBPR.

These forms are often difficult to find, so I trade coupons or box tops for them. I got these refunds for purchasing snacks, pizza, meat, fruit, deli items or whatever crazy thing the beer company decided to give a refund on. Look for them on the beer/wine aisle of your supermarket.

Most of the refund amounts are small - anywhere from $1.00 to $6.00, but this just goes to show that little amounts can really add up. I never buy something just because I have a refund unless it is a "Try Me Free" offer. But if I can get something for free with coupons and a sale AND send off for a refund on it, then that's profit in my pocket!


  1. I've been doing beer rebates for about four years now and I love it! I've done several that are as high as $15 or $20 back! Where do you trade yours for? I use hotcouponworld and trade with a woman named Stacy who lives in VA as well. I have to trade because I rarely see any in my local stores here in LoCo. I just found your blog through AFC, I think and was excited to see we're in the same county!

  2. I mostly trade on A Full Cup, but I sometimes trade through Refund Cents as well. I also use Hot Coupon World to research deals, but not to trade. Glad to have another local reader!

  3. I too found you on afullcup, and clicked on the url becuase I am in the same county. I just started using rebates for meat and produce. To tell you the truth I was skeptical at first becuase I could not come to terms on beer companies just giving us free food without buying. But after doing a few and seeing that it works, I am. I just recently started finding some at my store but I mostly trade for them on hotcouponworld. Is the trading scene in afullcup good, I might start trying out too.

  4. Rachel, I think the beer and wine companies do this for the advertising value, and also I think certain states prohibit an alchohol purchase to be required in order to receive a rebate. I won't pay for coupons, but I am usually willing to pay a small fee for rebate forms, as they allow me to get free meat and produce, which I cannot normally do with coupons.