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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best Food Lion Deals - July 17 to 23, 2012

This is Week 3 of the Food Lion Gas Deal and they are also running The Big Deal this week!!  Click HERE to see all of the items that are included.

The Big Deal works like this:
Buy 10 items - Save $5.00 instantly
Buy 20 items - Save $10.00 instantly
Buy 30 items - Save $15.00 instantly

Effectively, it reduces the cost of each item that you purchase by 50 cents.

Febreeze Air Effects and Stick and Fresh are part of the Big Deal.  They are on sale for $2.99, but if you use the Buy One Get One Free coupon from the 6/23 Red Plum insert, it will auto-deduct $3.79!  Then save 1.00 off two instantly (if you purchase 8 other Big Deal items) to pay 59 cents each!

Here are the Food Lion Internet Printable (FLIP) coupons for this week:

$2.00 off $5.00 purchase in Deli/Bakery
75¢ off ANY Ice Cream purchase
$1.00 off any one (1) Bubba Burgers (Original, Onion or Angus)
55¢ off any one (1) Ziploc Freezer, Storage or Sandwich Bags (15 count or larger)
$1.00 off any one (1) Olay Body Wash or Bar Soap (4-13.5 oz)
55¢ off any one (1) My Essentials Lunch Meat (all varieties)
50¢ off any one (1) My Essentials Cookies (all varieties)
You can print them when you click HERE!

Bubba Burgers - $10.99
Pay $8.99 when you use the $1.00 FLIP coupon and $1.00 coupon that you can print HERE.  Save another $2.00 if you can get ahold of this rebate form:

Hot or Lean Pockets are on sale this week - 5 for $10.00
$1.33 each when you buy three and use the Buy 2, Get 1 Free coupon that you can print on their Facebook page HERE!

Scroll down a bit to see the Satisfaction Guarantee offer on the New Recipe Hot Pockets. Opinions vary, but I think that satisfaction guarantee offers are nothing more than another form of rebate.  I often send in for them and say that I was not satisfied because the price was too high, and I have never been denied.



  1. Hi Theresa-

    Did you find the rebate at Food Lion or another store?

    Plea for help: I have been couponing for 5 years. I thought Walgreens was the hardest place to coupon until I tried couponing at Food Lion. Food Lion is still a mystery. I don't have any where near the luck you have. I also don't even come close to the savings I have at Safeway or Harris Teeters. The reason I am so interested in your savings at Food Lion is because it is the closest grocery store to my house. It would nice to understand how to coupon at a grocery store so close in geography. Would you mind doing a segment on "whats in my shopping cart and your breakdown, please?" Please.

    I see you have lots of success at Food Lion so I thought I would try my luck and experiment for 6 weeks because of the gas card deal and now the Big Deal savings.

    I went to Food Lion on Wednesday. I had my list and coupons. I was only getting enough items to take advantage of the gas deal and one Big Deal savings (so we are looking at a trip barely over $40.00 and about 20 items). The cashier called the manager over as soon as she saw my internet coupons. Both gave me a hard time about my internet coupons. They told me they had to go by the picture on the coupon and not the wording (which is ludicrous). They said the coupon picture must match on my Kikkoman, Quaker, and Clairol purchases. I even pointed to the Quaker coupon where there was indeed a picture of box of granola bars but they told me it was not the exact match of granola bars. I was in shock as I replied there is not enough space on a coupon to put every single Quaker granola picture let along every single Quaker product. They finally took the Clairol but refused the Quaker and Kikkoman so I had them take it off my bill. With the Quaker gone I no longer had enough items for the Big Deal savings. Normally I would not argue and just walk away when a shopping trip has become more trouble than it is worth but since this store is my 6 week experiment case I decided to stick it out. In the end it did no go well. I got 8 shampoo / conditioners; 4 Coffee mater creamers; and 2 Ben and Jerry's ice creams for $18.28. It was one of the highest grocery bills I have ever had with getting so little in return. The cashier took both my Ben and Jerry's ($2.00 coupon total) and my Coffee Mater creamer coupons (Food Lion catalina coupons worth $5.50), scanned them (or at least I thought she did), put the coupons in her drawer, but the coupons did not come off my bill. The only positive was getting the gas coupon for week 3 (however it would be far cheaper and less stressful to just buy a $15.00 gas card out right lol).

    Last Harris Teeters Super Doubles I spent $35.87 and saved $947.12 so I understand couponing...just not Food Lion. Can you hold me hand and walk me through your process please :-) ? it may never be my go to store but I would like to at least understand it - quirks and all


  2. Hi Denise -
    I am sorry you had such a bad experience. It sounds like you have some coupon Nazis at your store. I have had mixed results at my store, which used to be a Bloom and hold Super Double events and still has the same staffing. Most of my cashiers are pleasant and just smile and scan until something beeps. Then they call a manager over and have a big discussion. Half the time they will push something through and the other half of the time they will just tell me I cannot use a coupon, no matter what I say. I had planned to post a pic and breakdown of my last shopping trip, but I ran out of time. Most of shopping consists of doing only the best deals at Giant and Harris Teeter (Safeway has good deals but they are not close to me) as a first priority, picking up what I need at drugstores with my rewards as a second priority, and shopping at Food Lion for items that I cannot get free elsewhere at Food Lion as a last resort - because they are still cheaper than everyone else (for the most part). One thing I do like about Food Lion is that I usually get the full price value on a freebie coupon if an item is on sale, which gives me overage. One thing I don't like is that if I am doing a Catalina deal (including the Big Deal) and the cat doesn't print, they just shrug their shoulders and say we can't help you. Other stores will make it right at customer service. I don't know what advice to offer except that maybe you can profile the cashiers at your store and figure out which are the easiest to work with....

    1. Good Morning :-)
      Thanks for the feedback. I am going to continue the experiment at Food Lion and hope that things get better :-) lol lol

    2. Good luck! I had an interesting thought today. I am pretty sure my Food Lion sells stamps, and I need some. I am wondering if I add a book of stamps to my purchase - and thereby add $9.20 to my total and help me to reach $40 - if the gas deal cat will print?!

    3. I like how you think :-) Please let me know if it works
      Cheering you and the stamps on from the sidelines :-)

  3. Oh, and the Bubba Burger rebate is available at eBay or by trading on the big coupons forums.

    1. I went on 2 blogs today. Hopefully a rebate will pan out soon. Thanks for the suggestion :-)

  4. Persistence pays off :-) Thanks for the trading tip. It worked. I connected with a couponer in Alabama to trade with me for the Bubba Burger rebate :-)