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Loudoun County Limbo
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Best Rite Aid Deals - July 14 to 20, 2013


It's a little late in the week, but here are the best Rite Aid deals!

Tampax Radiant Tampons - $3.99
Money Maker when you use the $3.00 Cash Register Tape store coupon together with $2.00 coupon from the 7/7 P&G insert!
There was also a $2.00 coupon on previous packages.

Reach Toothbrush - $2.99
Get a $1.00 UP Reward (Limit 2)
FREE when you use this coupon to pay $1.99, then get back $2.00:
$1.00 off any REACH Brand toothbrush
This deal is a money maker if you have a Gold Wellness discount and buy the children's toothbrush - reg. $2.99, so $2.39 Gold price!

Utz Potato Chips - 99 cents
Get a $1.00 Monthly UP Reward (Limit 2)
FREE when you pay 99 cents and get back a $1.00 UP Reward!

Gas-X - $6.29 
Get a $7.00 UP Reward when you spend $15.00 (Limit 2)
Money Maker when you do this:
- Buy 3 for $15.09
- Use 3 coupons for $2.00 that you can print HERE after watching the video.
- Use 3 Cash Register Tape store coupons for $2.00
Pay $3.87 and get back a $7.00 UP Reward!

Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Shampoo or Conditioner - $4.99
Get $1.00 Up Reward (Limit 4)
FREE when you use both the $3.00 Video Value coupon and the $1.00 coupon that you can print HERE!
Note: The VV coupon is only scanning for $2.00!

Dry Idea Deodorant - $3.99
Buy One Get One Free
50 cents each when buy 2 after activating the Saving Star credit for $1.00 and use the Load2Card coupon for $2.00!


  1. Where can we find the Cash Register Tape store coupons ?

  2. Check the bottom of your cash register tapes from recent purchases at Rite Aid.