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Loudoun County Limbo
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Food Lion Trip - Combining The Big Deal and the Shell Gas Promo

This evening I took my 14 year old daughter to Food Lion with me and scanned my MVP card at the Savings Center kiosk.  I asked my daughter to add each item on her calculator as I put it in the cart, and to let me know when I reached $40.00.

Here is what we got:
My Essentials Sugar (needed, no coupon) - $2.89
Gallon Lowfat Milk (needed, no coupon) - $2.99
My Essentials Rice - 77 cents (Used kiosk coupon for 75 cents)
My Essentials Chips - $1.97 (Used kiosk coupon for 50 cents)
2 Pepsi Next (2 liter) - $1.00 each  (Used 2 freebie coupons, cashier deducted the regular price of $1.99)
and these 10 Big Deal Items:
2 Febreeze Spray - $2.99 each
2 Febreeze Stick & Refresh - $3.35 each  (Used 2 BOGO coupon from the 6/23 RP insert to make both free. I incorrectly reported that these were on sale in my earlier post.)
2 Velveeta Cheesy Skillets - $2.50 each  (Used 2 of the coupons for $1.00 that you can print HERE.)
4 Betty Crocker Muffin Mixes - $2.00 each (Used 50 cent peelie coupons on the box.)

At this point my daughter told me that we had reached $40.00, so went to checkout. Our total was only a little over $36.00, however, so I sent my daughter back for 6 Hot Pockets. (Now that I am typing this, I realize that my daughter added the regular price of $2.79 each for the muffin mixes, instead of the $2.00 sale price.)

6 Hot Pockets - $2.00 each (Used 2 Facebook coupons to B2G1 free)

Our subtotal now came to over $48.00, minus the $5.00 Big Deal instant savings = $43.00.

I handed over my $5.00 home mailer coupon and all the coupons mentioned above, and after taxes I paid $19.15!

BUT, my gas ticket did not print out of the catalina machine. I don't  understand why, since I got one doing a similar transaction last week. Anyway, the very nice cashier pointed to another register where a customer had walked off and left a gas ticket laying, so my daughter ran and grabbed it!!

If I had known that we would be adding Hot Pockets at the last minute, I wouldn't have wasted my freebie coupons for the Pepsi Next on this transaction. Also, I realize now that I could have just added 3 Hot Pockets to my transaction and reached $40.00, saving my other coupon for another time. Sigh...

We opened the chips and ate some on the way home....which is why they are open in the photo!

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  1. Thanks Theresa!!!! :-) I really appreciate this post.

    PS - The family went out to dinner and on the way home we stopped in Food Lion for milk. Someone did not want their catalina coupons so they left them behind on the check out counter. They left:

    Week Gas 3 Catalina (I jumped for joy!)
    $2/2 Perrier multipack
    $3 off next purchase of Pork, Chicken, Beef, or Seafood - Purchase must be $15.00 or more
    $2 off you next purchase of $20 or more
    FREE My Essentials Paper Towel - with min purchase of $10.00

    I think I might try this Food Lion next week for Gas Deal Week #4 :-)