Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
How Low Can You Go?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fabulous Friday Frugal Shopping Trip!

Today I ran over to Giant to do the deals that I posted HERE:

I purchased 3 Ellio's Pizzas for $2.00 each, 3 Nescafe Clasico Instant Coffee 8-packs for $1.09 each, and $75.00 worth of Shell gas cards.

My total came to $84.27. I handed the cashier my coupon for 400 Bonus Gas points when you spend $75.00, plus 3 coupons for 75 cents off the Ellio's and 3 coupons for 50 cents off the coffee, all of which doubled.

I owed $76.91 with tax and earned 302 gas points for my purchases plus 400 bonus gas points! I paid with my AMEX gift card.

Then I went to Shell and filled up my tank, paying with one of the gas cards.  I had other gas points on my account from this deal, so I only paid $1.49 per gallon!

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  1. That is an amazing deal!!! I need to start thinking about which gift cards we need for the holidays!! What a great deal! I am pretty sure that is how much gas cost when I started driving :)