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Loudoun County Limbo
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Stockpile Supper: A Thanksgiving Dinner Plan

I've been debating what to do for Thanksgiving this year. It honestly isn't my favorite holiday, because I really don't like to cook that much. Last year I didn't even serve turkey for Thanksgiving, but instead made a pot roast in the crockpot!

I looked at the Butterball turkeys at Harris Teeter, but even with the $3.00 manufacturer's coupon, the $3.00 ZVR that made the crescent rolls free, and the $3.00 Saving Star credit, they still seemed awfully expensive - like over $25.00.

Anyway, I was inspired this morning when I opened my email from Food Lion and read about this deal:

Since I already have 5 of the 6 Holiday Day meal tickets needed for the $20.00 credit at Food Lion, I only need to acquire one more ticket to make the cost of this meal $9.99. 

Here is what the Holiday Family Meal Deal includes:
  • 1 Jennie-O Oven Ready Whole Turkey: 11-13 lb.
  • 3 Savannah Classics - Side Dishes: 32 oz. - 5 Varieties to Choose From:
    • - Southern Style Cornbread Dressing
    • - Macaroni & Cheese
    • - Sweet Potato Casserole
    • - Green Bean Casserole
    • - Twice Baked Potato Casserole
  • 1 Bakery Pie: 8”
  • 1 Package King’s Hawaiian Rolls 12 ct.
The best part is that it's already cooked, so all I have to do is warm it up!

Here is an idea that I had for drinks. Combine that money maker seltzer from Harris Teeter Super Doubles (or that is also dirt cheap this week)....

....with that juice that was super cheap at Harris Teeter last month....

....to make my own homemade sparkling juice cocktails!

I normally buy these every year as a special treat for my kids at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it is so hard to find a great deal.

It turns out there is nothing to the "recipe" - just chill the seltzer and juice beforehand, fill a glass mostly with juice, then top with some seltzer to make it fizzy!

Or for the adults, you can add sparkling wine and some fruit garnish,  a la virgin "mimosas"!


  1. Hi Theresa, Is it the week 6 Food Lion coupon you need? I have one that I won't be using since I found your blog too late and hadn't collected any of the previous weeks! If it is, I'm happy to give it to you. We did gs last year together with Erin :). --Sandra

  2. Hi Sandra!
    I didn't know you were a reader.
    Yes, that is the one I need and I would so love to have yours!!
    Can you email me at lclimbo-blogspot@yahoo.com ?

  3. Of how I wish I was closer to a food lion!!! The turkeys at Harris Teeter were way too high and it looks like the sales have just started for the turkey and none of them look great like I got last year. I am between Safeway and Giant this year. Safeway requires a $40 purchase and Giant is only a $25 one. I think that we are going to make a chicken for Thanksgiving and save the turkey for Christmas but the prices are never as good around Christmas. Sounds like you have a great plan and can't beat $10!!!

  4. Allison - Two years ago I found a whole turkey marked down after Thanksgiving for $6.00. If you have a big freezer, you may be able to get a good deal on one after Thanksgiving and freeze it until Christmas!