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Loudoun County Limbo
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Friday, September 26, 2014

Best Harris Teeter Deals - Sep 24 to 30, 2014

A lot of the great deals from the past few weeks are still good if you have not yet done them:  
Gillette Goodnews razors, Touch of Gray, Pantene stylers, and Glade Plugin Scented Warmer. See my previous HT posts HERE for details. 

This week most of the freebies are with coupons from regional inserts......

Scrubbing Bubbles Vanish Dropins = $2.79
Fantastick Scrubbing Bubbles Antibacterial Cleaner - $3.29
Money Maker when you buy 2 for $6.08 and use:
- $1.00 ZVR off any Scrubbing Bubbles product (expires 11/18)
- $1.00 off any 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Bath Cleaning products (expires 10/20)
- 50 cents off any Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner (expires 10/20)
- 75 cent ZVR off Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom product (expires 9/27)
- 50 cents ZVR off Fantastik Spray
- 75 cents off Fantastic Spray
- 2 of these coupons:
$1.00 off Scrubbing Bubbles Bath Cleaning product
 Note: Even if you don't have all the ZVR's, it should still come out free or very cheap!

Toaster Strudel, 11.5 oz - $1.57
*Only if you got this price in your email from Harris Teeter*
- 50 cents off 2 ZVR
- 50 cents from Saving Star
- 2 coupons for 75 cents that you can print HERE, doubled
= Money Maker!

Febreze Set & Refresh Quiet Jasmine $1.94 BOGO Free price (Clearance?)
- $1.00 ZVR
- this coupon, doubled:
$0.75 off ONE Febreze Set/Stick & Refresh
= Money Maker!  
Note: Other scents are $3.50 which would come out to $1.00.

New York Texas Toast Croutons - $1.00
Free with the coupon for $1.00 from the ?? insert - if anyone knows the date, please comment - thanks!

Wet N Wild Nail Polish - 99 cents
Free with the regional coupon for $1.00 from the 9/21 Smart Source insert (not in the Washington Post)

Cover Girl Cosmetics Products - $2.00 on clearance at some stores
Maker or Free when you use:
- $1.00 off CG Eye Product ZVR paired with $1.00 coupon from the 8/31 P&G insert
- $2.00 off CG Lipcolor ZVR paired with $2.00 coupon from the 8/31 P&G insert
- $3.00/2 CG nail polish ZVR paired with $2.50/2 coupon from the 8/31 P&G insert

Simply Orange Juice Singles, 11.5 oz - $1.00
- 50 cent tearpad coupon
= Free!

Vitamin Water, 20 oz - $1.00
- 50 cent hangtag coupon
= Free! 

Mahatma Yellow Rice Mix, 5 oz - 49 cents BOGO Free single price
- 75 cents off 2 coupon from the 9/14 Red Plum insert
= Free when you buy 2!

Kozy Shack Pudding, 4 pack - $1.50
Free with the 75 cent printable coupon (not longer available) or regional insert from the 9/21 Smart Source (Washington Post got $1.00 off 2)

Muellers Pot Sized Pasta - 92 cents BOGO Free single price
Free with the coupon for 75 cents that you can print HERE

Fisher Energy Trail Mix - $1.00 
Free with the regional coupon for $1.00 from the 9/21 Smart Source insert (not in the Washington Post)

Wolf Chili - $1.00
20 cents with the 40 cent coupon from the 9/21 Smart Source, doubled! (Not in the Washington Post, but it IS in the Loudoun County Times)

Success Boil in Bag Rice, 4 ct - $1.39 BOGO Free single price
- 50 cent coupon that you can print HERE
= 39 cents! 

Green Cabbage - 39 cents a pound
Good price without a coupon! 

Campbell's Healthy Request Condensed Soup - $1.00 
- $1.00 off 3 ZVR
- this coupon, doubled:
$0.40 off THREE (3) Campbell's Condensed soups
= 40 cent each when you buy 3

Campbell's Go Soup Pouch - $2.50
-  $1.00 ZVR
-  this coupon:
$1.00 off ONE (1) package of Campbell's Go™ Soup
= 50 cents! 

Harris Teeter Sugar, 4 lb bag - 97 cents EVIC price (Limit 2)
Great price without a coupon! 

Butterball Turkey Dinner Sausage - $2.50
- 75 cent coupon that you can print HERE
= $1.00

Harris Teeter Milk, 1 gallon - $2.97 Saturday Only EVIC price
Good price already, but even better deal when combined with this week's Milk & Cereal deal that I posted HERE!
Also, there is a 25 cent Ibotta credit for milk!

Here is the Meal Deal for this week:
Buy All 5 items for $9.99
  • One (1) 12 - 16 oz. Oscar Mayer Bacon
  • One (1) 12.3 oz. Harris Teeter Waffles
  • One (1) 20 oz. Simply Potatoes Hash Browns
  • One (1) Doz. Harris Teeter Grade A Large Eggs
  • One (1) 59 oz. Harris Teeter Orange Juice
Use the coupon for 75 cents off Simply Potatoes from the 9/7 Smart Source to pay $8.49!

Also, look for Jalapeno & Cream Cheese Simply Mashed Potatoes for $3.69 on clearance BOGO Free. That makes them $1.85 and only 35 cents with the same coupon!


  1. I went and got a bunch of things today. I used two rain checks and used the Giant $5 off $15 that I got in the mail. Did you guys get them? I got a bunch including one deal not listed here like the regular 2 lb Mahatma rice is on sale for $1.69 so after coupon they are $0.69. I couldn't pass that up because rice is crazy expensive. I got three of the Healthy Choice soups and used the $1/3 printable coupon and the $1/3 zvr didn't come off but they manually gave it back to me. I also got the 18 pack of eggs for $1.77 and I might have gone a little overboard with four of them!! We will have lots of eggs but I am planning on doing for freezer cooking for rolls, pancakes and more to get ready for the winter baking so it will be helpful to have a bunch of eggs and get me moving on that plan. I got to use the gift card that I bought when there was the $10 off $50 Harris Teeter coupon so I spent no money out of pocket :) Thanks for the heads up on the deals!!

  2. sorry, the NY texas toast crouton coupon you are seeking expired 9/15 (SS 7/13 insert).
    dolores ((*.*))

    1. Hi Dolores - I knew about that one, but there is another one that expires on 10/30.

  3. I have a question...with the Mahatma rice on sale for .49 and the coupon doubling to $1.50, does that mean we can get 3 for free. Would we end up paying full price for the third even though the coupon is $1.50 off?

    1. Good question, Coleen! Normally at Harris Teeter a coupon will only double up to the actual cost of the item. However, if you had more of the same item, that will allow the coupon to double fully. I bought 3 Mahatma Yellow Rice packets and got all 3 for free with one coupon.

  4. Just another reason to LOVE Harris Teeter! Thanks :)