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Loudoun County Limbo
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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cheap Simplify Paper Towels at Rite Aid!

There is a pretty good deal on paper towels at Rite Aid with a Rite Buy deal. Rite Buys are month long deals, and are sometimes in the sale flyer, but most usually advertised only with store tags like this one:

We are kind of low on paper towels, so I am planning to do this:

Simplify 2-ply Paper Towels - $6.59 regular price
Silver Wellness discount price - $5.93
Gold Wellness discount price - $5.27
Get back a $2.00 UP Reward (Limit 4) 
Final cost after UP Reward =
$4.59 with no discount or 57 cents per roll
$3.93 with Silver discount or 49 cents per roll
$3.27 with Gold discount or 41 cents per roll  

My personal stock-up price for paper towels (or toilet paper) is 50 cents a roll or 1 cent per square foot.  This pack has 295.7 square feet, which works out to just around 1 cent per foot when divided into $3.27!

This deal runs through September 27, 2014.  You can see other great deals at Rite Aid for this week HERE

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