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Loudoun County Limbo
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ebay Trash to Cash Sales for September

My first trash-to-cash Ebay sale for the month of September was this box of Prevacid that I got for free at Rite Aid back in July. It sold for $5.00 plus the buyer paid first class shipping of $2.32.

This Black & Decker coffee pot replacement carafe that I found in a dumpster went for $12.99 plus the buyer paid $8.65 for shipping. 

Another dumpster diving find were these 2 new packs of Universal looseleaf business card pages. I sold them for $12.00 with free First Class shipping which cost me $1.93.

I also found this Barbie fireplace in the dumpster. Someone threw it away because it had a crack in the side. However, I looked it up when I got home and found that it was vintage 1984, so listed it on Ebay for $9.99 with free shipping. It sold and First Class shipping cost $2.49.

Here are some more sales from my continuing efforts to declutter the house:

I found this copy of The Mom Inventor's Handbook collecting dust in my basement, so I listed and sold it for $16.99 with free media mail shipping. The shipping cost me $2.69.

These Nike cleats were purchased second-hand for my daughter to play lacrosse last year and we paid $15.00 for them. I resold them on Ebay for $15.00 at the end of her season, and the buyer paid $8.55 for shipping. They were pretty dirty, but I cleaned them up nicely for photos with my Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.


My daughter Charlie asked me to list this book on numerology for her. It sold for $12.00 with free Media Mail shipping, which cost $2.69.

These vintage Dingo Western boots sold for $59.99 plus the buyer paid $14.25 for shipping. These were given to my daughter by one of her friends, but they were size 11 and didn't really fit anyone in the family or I would have kept them! 

My daughter Bridgette asked me to list these three books about Japan for her. They sold for $14.99 with free Media Mail free shipping which was $2.69.

This khaki skirt from Coldwater Creek that was taking up space in my closet sold for $25.99 with free shipping. I put the keyword "modest" in the title, since some shoppers search specifically for that. First Class shipping was $2.69.

And finally, my best sale for the month was this hand-blown cobalt blue glass platter. I purchased it (and 11 others) back in 1987 when I lived in Damascus, Syria for a few dollars each. I thought I might use them as dinner plates or chargers, but I never did. I moved them from place to place around the world with me for over 25 years and decided they weren't serving any purpose in my basement, so I listed one. It sold for $99.99 and the buyer paid $11.65 for shipping! 

My total trash-to-cash Ebay sales for September were $304.36.
Paypal and Ebay fees cost me $39.56 and free shipping costs totalled $12.49, thus my net profits for the month came to $252.31.

After I gave Charlie $9.00 for her book and gave Bridgette $10.00 for her book, I ended up with $233.31!


  1. Woo Hoo!!! Good timing to read this on a rainy morning. I am still hoping that reading this will press me into action. I did look on ebay for a bread pan to replace mine and couldn't find it at a good price so I bought a new one machine on Craiglist for less then I could get the pan. I am hoping that I can get some coupons and a few books up to start up with this month. I checked out your store and you have so much stuff up!! It must take you hours just to keep up with all of it.

    1. I work in fits and spurts. Since I got a store I try make sure that I use my 150 listings that included with that every month. When they have free listing promotions I try to add as much as possible. My goal right now is to get 400 items up and I am getting close!

  2. Way to Go Theresa, again! Nice post :)