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Monday, September 1, 2014

Ebay Trash to Cash Sales for August, 2014!

My first Trash-to-Cash sale on Ebay for the month of August was this costume jewelry necklace that I got for free at Target back in October. I thought one of my daughters would wear it for homecoming or prom, but they didn't care for it. However, one of them used it for "wacky tacky day" at school, so I couldn't list it as new. I had it listed with a Buy It Now price of $19.99 for months and just couldn't seem to move it, so I changed the listing to an auction and sold it right way. The buyer also paid $4.12 for shipping. 

This textbook - The Art of Conducting - which I found in a dumpster sold for $69.99 with free media mail shipping, which was $3.88. It had some high-lighting and underlining from the previous owner, but I listed it high since it sells brand new for $130!

This coffee mug that I found in a dumpster sold for $9.00 to a buyer in Chicago, who also paid $5.74 for shipping.

This children's Encyclopedia that I found in the dumpster sold for $9.99 with free shipping to someone in New Zealand. They purchased it through Ebay's global shipping program, so I only paid the media mail postage to Kentucky, which was $4.84.

These vacuum cleaner bags that I found in a dumpster sold for $7.99 with free shipping, which cost me $2.42.

This cooking magazine that I found in the recycle bin still new in the plastic sold for $7.50, which included a cost of $2.69 for free shipping.

Here are some more sales from my home "decluttering project":

I purchased most of these books on tape back in the 1980's and they were taking up space in my basement. I sold them for $47.00 with free media mail shipping, which cost me $5.32.

I had this wrap skirt made for my daughter five years ago when we lived in Niamey, Niger. It was a typical West African print, and was listed for several months until the right buyer came long. It sold for $21.99 with free first class shipping, which cost me $2.42.

My husband took two lower control A-arms off the suspension of the Camaro that he is restoring in the garage. One was rusted through, but the other wasn't too bad, so I listed it for $59.99 or best offer. A guy in the Netherlands offered me $35.00 for it, then paid another $65.00 in customs and shipping fees through the Global Shipping program! 


My gross Trash-to-Cash sales for August were $265.84. After deducting $35.00 for Ebay and Paypal fees, plus $17.00 for shipping fees, my net profit came to $213.84!


Last month reader Michelle S. requested a "getting started on Ebay guide". I spent a lot of time thinking about what to say, but then ran across this article which is well written and gives some good advice, so I decided to share it with you HERE

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