Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Free Zone Bars and Cheap Apples at Giant!

Thanks to Diana B for this great find:

Zone Bars are on sale at Giant for $1.00 through 10/16/14
Use the 55 cent coupon from the 7/27 Smart Source insert, doubled to get them for free! 
But hurry - the coupons expire on September 28th!!

Note: I bought 5 bars today, thinking that my four coupons would double fully and take 40 cents off the 5th Zone bar. However, since Giant upgraded their registers, this no longer works. The coupons only doubled up to the price of the item (like they do at Harris Teeter), and I ended up paying full price for the 5th bar.

While I was at Giant I spotted a good price on Gala Apples for 97 cents a pound.  A great deal when combined with this week's Saving Star Healthy Offer!

Also, there is a new Checkout 51 offer this week to get back 25 cents on any purchase of apples!!


  1. If you hadn't bought extra then you would have gotten overage and the computer would have started flipping out on you so you just can't win. I went to get something that was a deal at Giant and when I used the coupon, it didn't double at all and the customer service told me it was because if the item was less than what the coupon doubled at then I would be making money. I asked him why I couldn't at least get the item for free and he told me it was against the policy. I guess I have to check and see if I have the coupons stashed somewhere and whether I want to try :) Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Our Giants in PA only double one of the same coupon. So you are lucky.

  3. Thanks Theresa!!! I got 24 bars free this morning and I am going back this afternoon to finish off the rest of my coupons :-). This is perfect for another school donation w00t-h00t!!