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Loudoun County Limbo
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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Harris Teeter - Cheap Nature's Harvest Bread!

I stopped into Harris Teeter this morning to get the EVIC hamburger and hot dog rolls, because I forgot to get them earlier in the week. I also decided to do the Meal Deal for the second time. All of the packages of chicken in the front of the store with the rest of the Meal Deal items were priced over $10.00, so I went to the back of the store. There I found a package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $4.84. My total cost for this trip was $12.82!

In addition to the aforementioned Meal Deal and buns, I also got the money maker Playtex tampons, some marked down bananas, and three loaves Nature's Harvest bread. I found it for $2.99, on sale Buy One Get One Free, with $1.00 peelie stickers. That made the bread 50 cents a loaf!


  1. I did the bread deal at a store her in PA.. Let me tell you about it, Saturday night before the sale I ran into this store for a few things and noticed that the bread had $1 peelies on them and I knew the buy one get one was starting the next day. So a friend of mine and I were going shopping that morning early so I said let's go to this particular store and get the bread I saw that they had peelie stickers on them for $1 so that would of made them 50c a loaf. We wanted alot at this store so we went over to the bread first to get some and we both wanted extra to throw in the freezer, we get there the $1 peelies were all torn off. At first I thought a customer tore them off because the date on them was 12/14. I come across this alot that peelies are torn off or products in our area. So I noticed a bread man and didn't know if this man was this bread's deliverer? I said "do you deliver this bread" He said YES. I said well last night I was in and there were $1 peelies on these. He said "I was told to take them off because of the buy one get one free sale? I said "What"? Are you kidding me? I guess he thought I looked a bit shocked over this, so he asked how many I wanted to buy and he would give me the peelies? Well he pulled out this big roll of $1 coupons and started putting them on the bread I was putting in my cart? Is this legal for them to do this? I find that very very bad bussiness practice. UGH.. My friend and I did get bread that day for 50c a loaf, Theresa what do you think about this? I still find myself thinking about this. I still can't believe he said he took them off because he was told to by corporate? Thanks for your thought or anyone elses.

    1. Lisa, that is really interesting because something very similar happened to me last week at Harris Teeter. I noticed that the Arnold bread had $1.00 peelie coupons on it and that it was on sale BOGO free, but there was no price marked for it. I came home and looked the price up on the Express Lane, saw that it would come out to less than $1.00 a loaf, and decided to get some the next day. When I went back to the store the following day, all the peelies were gone. I started rooting through all the bread hoping to find a peele that had not been taken and the bread lady who was stocking the shelves asked if I needed any help. I told her I was looking for $1.00 peelie coupons, and she brought out a whole roll and said - people just take them without buying the bread, and then she gave me a few. I didn't realize until then that the store employees put the peelies on the products - I thought they came that way from the distributor. I think in your case, that the employee (or his supervisor) must not realize that the store will be reimbursed for the coupons by the manufacturer. That is a common misperception - many cashiers believe their jobs are threatened if couponers save "too much" because it will cut into the store's profits.

    2. It was actually the Bread guy who had the Peelies, he had a uniform on from the company, so it was him who took it off, he told me he was told by corporate to remove any coupons since they were on sale.