Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Friday, February 21, 2014

I Love To Get Freebies In My Mailbox!

Did you play the Snickers Super Bowl Satisfaction Game that I posted about last month? I won 4 times and today my 4 coupons for a free Snickers candy bar arrived in the mail! 

Yesterday I got my free sample of Benefel dog food from Facebook. It came really quickly!

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  1. ditto -- also received free snickers c's for 5 i won & beneful sample + fiber bar. last week, mariani's lunch tote arrived full of products/pedometer prize won. luv receiving freebies/prize winnings/etc via mail vs. billsl! gazelle's $90 check also arrived -- for iphone5 found in recycle bin w/help pay for new tires (via recyclebank's link+ 150 pts = more cpns/etc ). dolores ((*.*))