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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Toilet Paper and Paper Towels at Big Lots

I recently wandered into the new Big Lots in Leesburg at the Battlefield Shopping Center to see if they had any great deals. I say "new" because I just noticed it, even though they opened for business in August. There are also Big Lots located in Ashburn and Sterling in Loudoun County.

I wasn't impressed with the prices on most things, but I did find that they had their own brand of paper products with some good prices. Toilet paper and paper towels are items that no one likes to run out of, so it is important to stock up when there is a bargain.

The Big Lots brand of paper towels were sold in 8-roll packs for $5.00:

That works out to 63 cents per roll. I usually try to pay 50 cents per roll or less for paper towels, so I passed on these.

However, the true test of whether paper products are cheap enough to buy in bulk is to look at the cost per square foot. A good price is 1 cent per square foot or less! 

This package has 322.6 square feet which divides into $5.00 at .015 cents per square foot. Perhaps I should have grabbed them while I was there!

The Big Lots brand of toilet paper was $5.00 for a 12-pack:

The price of $5.00 divided by 381.3 square feet comes out to .013 cents per square foot. Another good deal! 

Big Lots does not accept coupons but they do have their own Rewards Program called the Buzz Club. They also have teachers-only discounts, contests, and giveaways. 

Once you sign up for the Buzz Club on-line, you can go to the store to get your rewards card and have it activated. Get the cashier to scan your card when you shop, and you will accumulate points towards discounts and coupons. You can click HERE to learn more about the Buzz Club.

Now I'm glad I didn't snag those paper towels - I'll get my Buzz Club card first and get credit for purchasing them next time I go back! 

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