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Loudoun County Limbo
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

What I Spent in January - Too Much!

I got way behind recording my monthly expenses again. 

Here are my total expenditures for the month of January:
Giant - $8.04
Safeway - $8.68
Harris Teeter - $112.87
Food Lion - $81.40
Rite Aid - $38.53
7-11 - $9.41
Sam's Club - $23.66
Petco - $37.09
Spending Total - $319.68

Since there were 5 weeks in January and my budget is $50.00 per week, I should have stayed under $250.00. 

I was $69.68 over budget last month for 4 reasons: 
1) My husband ran out to 7-11 for milk and eggs and spent $9.41.
2) I spent $37.09 on a bag of dog food at Petco, so that I could do this rebate and get my purchase price back 
3) We were out of milk, dog food, and time so I ran into Sam's Club for those things when we happened to be nearby instead of doing coupon deals for them.
4) I didn't track my purchases as I went along. I found that when I did this during the week for the past 2 years, that I was much more cognizant of our grocery spending and and careful to stay within budget. 

In addition to the Nutro Natural Choice try me free offer, I also did these rebates:
Miller/Icehouse - $5.00 when you spend $10.00 on beef/buns x 2 = $10.00
Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Mascara TMF offer - $9.95
Dickenson's Witch Hazel Towlettes TMF offer - $2.99
Rebate total: $60.03

I guess after rebates I was really only $9.98 over budget, but I am going to tally up my February spending right now, so that I can stay on top of it this month!


  1. I received my rebate form. Thank you so much!

  2. I know that I have to track every time I make a purchase or I don't have a clue where I am for the month. Currenly at $40 for this month so I know that I have enough for super doubles which I am crossing my fingers for next week to get some great deals. I have a hard time with the money you have to add back in because I can't figure out whether it counts when you buy it or when you get the check back. I just left the total as is and figured that if I stayed under it was good. Of course, you have your ebay sales to offset too :)