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Loudoun County Limbo
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip!

I headed over to Harris Teeter for the first day of Super Double coupons this morning, well armed with my binder and shopping list. Yesterday I got two nice items in the mail, just in time:  

First was a Catalina for $2.00 that was mailed to me after it failed to print at Rite Aid. Even though it has the Rite Aid logo on it, it is a manufacturer's coupon and can be used anywhere. The logo put the cashier off a bit, but it scanned just fine. Here is a hot tip: for some mysterious reason, a $2.00 Catalina will double at Harris Teeter during Super Doubles! A Catalina for any other amount will scan at face value. 

The other neat thing I got in the mail was a coupon for $5.00 off a $25.00 shopping trip at Shopper's Food Warehouse. Since Harris Teeter will accept coupons off the total amount of your trip from competitors, and there is a SFW in Leesburg, I order these regularly from Recyclebank for 50 points. They take about a week to arrive. 

The coupon is off your total after coupons, but here is another hot tip: You can add a Harris Teeter gift card to your transaction, to make sure your remaining balance is large enough to use the coupon. I calculated that I was going to owe about $8.00 after coupons for my trip today, so I asked the cashier to put $20.00 on my gift card. I'll use the gift card to pay for my groceries during the rest of the week at HT.

Here is what I ended up bringing home:

My total before coupons was $115.09. My total after ZVR's and coupons came to $25.78. Since I have a balance of $20.00 on my gift card, that means my out of pocket cost was $5.78! 

Also, I will get back:
75 cents from Ibotta for the BelVita
75 cents from Checkout 51 for the BelVita
$1.00 from Ibotta for the Evol Burritos
$1.09 from Saving Star for the bananas
Total: $3.59

So, my actual cost for this trip was $2.19 or less than the gallon of milk!

Here is a third hot tip: you can get overage for a coupon that doubles when you buy more of the same item. I only used 3 coupons for the South Beach Diet Bars, but I was able to get 4 boxes for free because all 3 of my $1.50 coupons doubled fully! If I had done the math correctly in the store, I could have gotten a 5th one free.

By the way, if you got the last Taste and Tell for a Free HT Traders Liquid Coffee Flavoring, it is now available pick up. It will ring up free when scanned at check-out. You have until March 4th to grab it!


  1. AWESOME!! The deals are so good this time with items I use on a regular basis that I am giddy with excitement. I went during lunch and had $5.99MM! I paid $2.01 ($1.09 + .92cents TAX)
    BUT got back $3.00 Catalina for Starkist (what is the catalina deal? That was a pleasant shocker)
    PLUS $5.00 in Savings Star!
    PS - I give HT my SFW coupon first. Wait for Customer Service to take off the $5.00. Then hand over the rest of my coupons. I have only had one manager tell me it has to be after all coupons so I shoved it in my pocket and proceeded to use it the next day by handing it first. There is no wording on the SFW coupon that states it has to be after coupons so it is purely discretionary by managers.

    1. That is wonderful! My trip would have been lower, but they refused to take my Food Should Taste Good chips coupon for $1.00 because it printed out without the expiration date on it. I didn't return because my daughter really loves those. I always place the $/$25 coupon top of my stack and occasionally a cashier with scan it first, but most of them are trained to set it aside and scan it last.