Loudoun County Limbo

Loudoun County Limbo
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Friday, February 28, 2014

Ebay Sales for January & February 2014

My Ebay sales of drug store freebies and dumpster dive finds slowed way down after the holidays, but I made a few really nice sales including:

This lot of 45 large print Harlequin Intrigue Romance novels that I found in dumpster sold for $45.00 with free shipping:

This lot of 3 boxes of Clairol Root Touch-up Hair Color sold for $17.00 with free shipping. I got one box free at Harris Teeter Super Doubles in August and another two free at Harris Teeter in November.  I made sure to get the same color so that I could sell them in a group.

This 1987 Ford T-Bird / Cougar Electrical & Vacuum Trouble-Shooting manual that I pulled out of the dumpster sold for $10.00 which included free shipping:

And my very favorite item (because I almost left it in the dumpster):

This 1988 Toyota TRUCK/4RUNNER Factory Service Manual that I found at the recycling center sold with free shipping for $59.99!!

After shipping fees, Paypal fees and Ebay fees are deducted, I estimate a profit of about $95.00! 


  1. Amazing! I think that I am around $50 this month for profits again selling on ebay. It is great to bring in a little extra money with nothing out of pocket risked!!!

  2. That's great! I can't believe you found a $60 item in the dumpster! The highest I've found was $50! Yay! These are my favorite posts (besides Rite Aid and Harris Teeter match-ups, of course!!).