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Loudoun County Limbo
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Totally Terrific Target Shopping Trip!

I don't shop at Target very often because it isn't convenient for me and I've had a few negative coupon experiences there, but I couldn't resist going to try out the money maker scenario that I posted HERE. I only had 4 coupons, and unfortunately, when I got to the store, there were only 2 Schick Quattro razors multi-packs left. I even asked an employee to scan them and confirm that there were no more in the back!

I took along my 2 daughters, who wanted to shop for swimsuits, but they decided that they would rather have new sandals instead. So, instead of getting the free flip-flops, I used the $2.00 Target coupon on nicer sandals. Here is a photo of what I got:

Target Coupon Shopping Trip

The 2 pair of sandals cost $33.00, yet my total for everything was $26.44!!

Not only did I get $1.52 in overage from the Schick Quattro razors, but I also got $3.01 in overage from the Eclos Skin Renewal Clay Mask. It rang up $1.99 and I had a coupon from HERE for $5.00 off any Eclos product! (I was only able to print one.)

The hydrogen peroxide bottles were 52 cents each, and I used coupons from the Target website for 50 cents off any Up & Up first aid item, to pay 2 cents each!

Here is a breakdown of my trip:
Blue Sandals = 17.99
Black & Silver Sandals = $14.99
Schick Quattro Razors - $5.99 x 2 = $11.98
Eclos Skin Renewal Clay Mask = $1.99
Up & Up Hydrogen Peroxide - 52 cents x 2 = $1.04
Total = $47.99

Target Sandal coupon - $2.00 x 2 = $4.00
Schick Quattro Target Coupon = $3.00
Schick BOGO free coupon = $10.50
Eclos coupon = $5.00
UP & UP coupons = 50 cents x 2 = $1.00
Coupon total = $23.50

$47.99 - $23.50 = $24.49 + $1.95 tax = $26.44!

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  1. PinkCountess - I got an email with your question about the Eclos, although the comment is not appearing here for some reason. I found the masks at Target right next to the Burt's Bees products. They are also carried at some Rite Aid stores - I keep forgetting to check for them at my store!